JSON Parser | How it works?

  1. Write/Paste your JSON string in left area of the website.
  2. Tool will show you formatted JSON in right side of the website in realtime if it's a valid JSON string, if it's an invalid JSON string then tool will throw the exception.
  3. Click Save & share to generate unique URL to access JSON string on any device

URL will look something like this:


When you edit any stored JSON string, tool will save the edited JSON on seprate link.
So your URL will look something like this,


Here {version} denotes the version number of the stored JSON string,
just like the normal URL version URL which ends with .json will return the output with application/json content type.

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JSON Parser

It is a online tool to validate, format and parse the JSON data and it helps you to debug complex JSON strings.

So, What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation,
It's a light-weight data interchange format specified by RFC 7159

User can use this tool to save JSON data on server and can share it with other users with link.

json-parser.com/{unique_key} (lets you edit the JSON)
json-parser.com/{unique_key}.json (returns JSON string)

User can use free JSON storage service to save any-size of JSON string.
e.g. Some JSON parameters for client side

What's next?
Awesome APIs to talk with json-parser.com